Rombit is a solution provider, rather than ‘just’ an IoT-company. It applies common sense first and then implements web technology in order to solve problems or help industry companies work smarter. In that process it avoids disruption and prefers evolution. People are naturally reluctant to giving up what they’re used to and they don’t like change. Which often isn’t necessary. Jorik Rombouts, Founder and CEO of Rombit, explains.

Web platform fills the gaps between existing software packages

“While I took my Industrial Engineering studies, I noticed that the training missed an important part: web technology. Even back then, my intuition told me that in the future software would no longer be installed on the computers but instead would work through the cloud. After my training I therefore founded Rombit, with the goal of developing software that would fill the gaps between traditional packages like ERP, CRM, SAP,… because they lacked quite a bit of functionality”, says Rombouts.

“After all a good ERP is like a pair of shoes you really like, but they’re one size too small. You will wear them anyway, but they don’t quite fit. You will always miss things in an ERP and if you want those added, it will often cost a lot of time and money.”

Rombouts: “We wanted to provide an answer by creating a dynamic, flexible and online accessible platform that connects all those packages and offers the necessary increase in functionality. Pretty soon the demand rose to link all this to the existing software and hardware.”

An accessible platform that keeps growing

“Because we noticed that while drawing up solutions we often did certain things the same way, we bundled recurring features in a platform called Romcore. This allows us to connect very quickly and easily to existing hardware, sensors and software packages at the bottom and at the same time generate real time analyses, build visualisations, process big data and utilize machine learning at the top. This platform keeps growing and benefits from all the projects we use it for. Every project adds new intelligence to it”, says Rombouts.