Named by Forbes as the reference in Connected Worker solutions, Romware is a one-stop shop for safety, security and efficiency in the workplace. Discover Romware at CES 2020 during the Ambiq Micro event in Las Vegas.

Romware, improving worker safety on industrial sites

Workers at large industrial sites are confronted with safety risks on a daily basis. Inattentional blindness, for instance, causes many accidents.

Romware aims to prevent workers from getting injured while executing their job, by using Internet of Things (IoT) technology. The Romware Connected Worker Wearable improves situational awareness and combines multiple functionalities such as proximity detection, man down support, geofencing, evacuation, positioning and certification.

“There is an extremely strong case for IoT-connected workers in the context of workplace safety.” Simon Chandler, Forbes.

Romware at CES, the global stage for innovation

After successful pilot projects across the globe at BESIX, DEME, Port of Antwerp and Katoen Natie, Romware is now preparing for mass production in 2020.

Partners Ambiq Micro and Imec will present the Romware Worker Wearable solution at CES starting January 7.

Ambiq Micro enables wearable technology to perform multiple and complex tasks. Romware is one of the first industrial IoT examples of the unique low-power high-performance capability of the Ambiq Apollo2 Microcontroller. 

Imec and its broad multidisciplinary miniaturization know-how supports Romware by miniaturizing the technological components and by manufacturing the device from early prototype to high volume mass production.

Learn more about Romware at the Ambiq Micro discovery event during CES: Venetian Tower – Suite 30 – 225, from Jan. 7 to Jan. 10. Please email to schedule an appointment.    

Read the entire Connected Worker article in Forbes:

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